About Us




Everyone deserves to be a Bratz when it comes to their hair, period! TrèsBelleTresses was founded by Tiranke Kaba In 2018. The passion to start this business emerged when she realized the amount of money she invested into hair as a consumer. While in college, she started sampling different vendors , trying out new hair colors and even practiced doing her friends’ hair. One trip to Dubai changed it all for her. She was able to witness first hand, the hard workers in the main market place of Dubai, “Gold Souk”. At Gold Souk she watched many merchants buy hair in bulk and sell them for a profit to customers and vendors all over the world. This sparked a drive in her to do the same. Instead of being a consumer , she decided to change her position and become the seller.

The name TrèsBelleTresses comes from the French words “Très Belle” which means “Very Beautiful”. Very Beautiful Tresses. Tiranke always aspired to have a hair collection of luxury raw and mink virgin hair that made individuals all over the world feel confident and beautiful. People all over the world take pride in their hair appearance, and becoming a part of that experience means a lot to her. The goal is to empower each other all over the world one wig, one bundle at a time.